Deer Hunting

October 12, 2018

The fall hunting season is in full effect now, and if your quarry of choice this season is a big beautiful buck, then happy hunting!

There’s a reason these beautiful animals are the most popular game in North America – they are one of the most intelligent big game animals which makes the challenge all the more interesting. Each year they survive gives them bigger antlers, but also makes them smarter and more evasive. (That’s one of the reasons bigger antlers are more desirable, right? It’s tangible evidence of your hunting skills!)

No matter where you are hunting in North America (or anywhere in the world), hunting usually takes more work before and after the hunt than the hunt itself does. The before work usually includes packing (and repacking) your gear, multiple trips to an outdoor store, purchasing the tag, scouting the location, and choosing, preparing and cleaning your weapon. The after work is the fun of getting the deer back to your car in good condition, and that is hard manual labor work!

We help hunters from all over the country preserve their trophies, and although we’re avid hunters ourselves, each season we learn something new. If you’re new to hunting in general, or you’ve never tried for a deer before, this article from Realtree on Deer Hunting does a great job of summarizing everything you need to know.

Curious about what to expect in your state this year? This Deer Hunting Forecast (2018) broken down by state may help!

Here’s a Few Field Care Tips for Deer:

DO NOT cut throat!
Freeze or keep cool and send your trophy to Out of This World Taxidermy immediately before bacteria ruins your trophy!
DO NOT GET IT WET! Again, bacteria can ruin a trophy quicker than you think.
For shoulder mounts – do not skin head and leave all skin attached. We can always cut off skin to make a perfect mount, but we CANNOT ADD skin.
Do not split above ribcage.

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