Increase your chances of landing a massive Elk this bowhunting season

September 19, 2018

Elk hunting

Bowhunting Elk Tips

Archery season is already halfway over by now, but many of you may have plans to go out this weekend or next to try to land a big set of antlers before the Elk bowhunting season is over. Out of This World Taxidermy has had a chance to work with hunters from all over the United States (and the world) over the last twenty or so years who kindly share their field stories with us. Being hunters ourselves, we wanted to share with the community some of the lessons we have learned from them.

Successful Shots come with Patience

The first step before you even leave the house to hunt Elk is to get rid of your human smell (using unscented soap, shampoo, deodorant, etc) and use an elk scent imitator so if you happen to be downwind, you won’t scare the elk away. Hunting is also a waiting game. You’ll want to get to your stake out spot early in the morning before dawn, because Elk go on the move a few hours after sunrise and a few hours before sunset. It is far easier to hit vital organs with a broadside shot. So be sure to wait for the perfect time, as you may not get another chance. A successful shot should down the bull within 150 yards.

Choosing the Right Bow

Are you using the right bow? If you’re new to bowhunting, this is good information. You know which hand of yours is dominant, but do you know which eye is dominant? What’s the best draw length for your size? Do you know your draw weight? Find out more about how to choose a hunting bow here.

Unexpected Bow Malfunctions

Carry a Fix-it Kit
Unexpected things can happen while you’re out on the field, and when your bow malfunctions, you don’t want to have to call it a day prematurely. Before you head to the nearest bow shop in tears, try fixing the problem yourself first by carrying a handy-dandy fix-it kit complete with a few Allen wrenches, extra strings, spare peer sight tubing, string wax, spare screws, and spare release aid. If you’re on a longer backcountry style trip, you may also want to pack a spare peep sight, broadheads, nock point, nock pliers, and a target (to practice on after you’ve made repairs).

Practice Making Repairs in Your Garage First
Don’t let circumstances sneak up on you, you have all year to prepare for bowhunting season so during the off-season, study up on your bow’s manual, practice taking apart and reassembling old bows, and watch lots of YouTube videos on the subject.

Once you land that big bull, be sure to give Out of This World Taxidermy a call to preserve your trophy! You can find our price sheet here.