Tips to Land a Gobbler this Spring

February 6, 2019

Spring is upon us!

That means it’s almost Turkey Time! (And no, we don’t mean Thanksgiving.)

As some older/more experienced hunters may know, it didn’t always used to be this way. Fall turkey season was typical until about twenty years ago when a sudden shift occurred, leaving spring turkey hunters outnumbering fall turkey hunters.

Fortunately, turkey populations are resilient. State wildlife agencies carefully manage turkey populations and bag limits so we may hunt them in both seasons! Below are our top tips for turkey hunting this Spring:

Scout Ahead

Successful fowl hunters know that a good hunter often spends more time scouting than hunting. Birds migrate and are far more fluid with their haunts than most people think, so it’s a great idea to scout out the area even if you know the land well and have hunted there before. Tracks, scratching, and droppings will tell you a lot about their habits.

Work on Your Calls

If you know full well that you’re not the best caller, the first step is to practice! The thing to remember is that more is not always better here, especially if you’re not very good. Curiosity might draw the bird in, but bad calling will spook him faster than your bullet can catch him. Give light clucks and yelps on a slate call and see how eager he is before you proceed.

Hunt in the Fall

The best way to get inside your prey’s head is to understand the way turkeys act in all seasons. Each season has its benefits and difficulties so the best way to become a better hunter is to practice in all conditions and times of the year.

Learn the Value of Silence

For goodness sakes, be quieter! Turkeys know exactly what approaching flashlights and rustling leaves mean! Leave the gear behind to be as light as possible and slowly and quietly sneak into roosting areas for surprise kills.

Public Land (things to keep in mind)

It’s fine to hunt on public land, but it can be frustrating when hunting areas get crowded. Just a tip, it may be a good idea to search out areas away from the parking lot and across a few streams (you’d be surprised how many people let that stop them!). Remember that most people like to hunt at daybreak so try a mid-morning hunt or afternoon if your area allows it.

You can find your individual state’s forecast using Outdoor Life’s Spring 2019 Turkey Hunting Forecast.

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